Topic: The Lighting Thief - Rick Riordan

At the beginning of this book the author describes what it means to be a half-blood. A half-blood is a creature that is half mortal, half God. At this point in the book the narrator (Percy Jackson) guides us through his life as a half-blood. He at this point in the book is miserable and going to a camp for troubled youth. He hates in New York but, his Mom found a job here so he had to go with it. Do you think Percy will last a very long time?

Re: The Lighting Thief - Rick Riordan

When Percy goes on long field trips it seems to never work in favor for him. He always would get into trouble and would never take anything from anyone that pushed him or his friends. So when these bullies started tossing PBJ sandwich pieces at Grover, Percy's best friend, Percy was furious but, he had promised his Mother that he would stay out of trouble today at school. Do you think Percy can take it for so long?