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Pup dives in for kids with special needs
Caiden is 3 years old and has a disorder to do with his senses. His disorder makes it difficult for him to swim. Every time That his mom Erika Shawver took her son Caiden to a pool, he would get always get upset. The water scared him as well as he did not like being touched. As a result of that, he did not want to be close to the swim teacher. Then Caiden got a dog named Cori. Cori is 1 years old is training to be a water rescue dog. She makes swimming more fun and less scary for children like Caiden, who have special needs. As soon as Cori jumped in the water with Caiden, he started enjoying swimming. Soon he began to like swimming. In fact, on his third lesson, Cori was not there but he still jumped in and began swimming. After Caiden had tried this, many others started using this idea for their sons with disorders. It is a miracle.