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This is a new book that I am reading called House of Furies. It is by Madeleine Roux and so far it is pretty good. If you like fantasy medieval books. It starts out with this girl called Louisa Rosa Ditton who is a fortune teller. She gets a client who is around the same age as her and is looking for guidance. Louisa gets the girl to talk about her love life and then she gives her some advice. Although, she is just doing what she thinks that the client wants to hear. After a while, once they finish she gets a couple pennies and the client/girl has finished. A mysterious figure pops up behind Louisa and freaks her out. The figure says some convincing words and turns her two copper pennies into two pieces of gold. I am guessing that pennies in this book are equivalent to $1 and gold is about $100 or 1,000 something like that.

Re: House of Furies

The figure turns out to be an old woman who works at the Coldthistle house. She is saying that Louisa could work there if she wanted and she would get properly paid and have a better life than the one she currently lives. Which would be getting around 2 pennies a day if she is lucky. This was a very good opportunity for her for her to change her life around. The old lady then left and told her to consider it and she left without a sound. Then Louisa went to the market to get a good meal with her gold coins that she got from the old lady and the entire town went on a chase for her because they thought that she stole them from a wealthy man.