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McDonald's Happy Meal says good-bye to cheeseburgers and chocolate milk
The happy meal is kids favorite food item to buy when visiting McDonald's. Although now they are changing out the happy meal menu. They are removing the cheeseburger and chocolate milk. They are trying to make the happy meal healthier for all people. Although, people can still buy the cheeseburger and they can order a chocolate milk but they think that if they remove it from the menu, fewer people will order it. McDonald's has changed the happy meal menu 4 years ago when it offered soda. Since they have taken  that off the kids menu, no one has asked for it in the happy meal, instead they order milk, juice or water. They have also switched to smaller fries and added fruit to the menu, as well as a less-sugary apple juice. Many parents approve of this change because they believe that having too much fat and sugar can lead o obesity and health problems later on in the future. McDonald's doesn't just want the happy meal to be healthier but also less in calories. The new menu for the happy meal will look more like chicken nuggets, smaller fries and water since water has no calories. Although it may cost extra.