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Summer of Nothing

All of the authors friends had summer plans in which they were going to different places, or working over the summer break. The author didn't want to do much during the summer. She was happy doing nothing. The author was able to hatch a plan where she was going to do absolutely nothing but relax over the break because she was so stressed with school. The author is relating nothing to relaxing. This stressed-out teenager plans to spend her summer relaxing and soaking up the sun.

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Anasazi people of the Chaco Canyon in New Mexico built their dwellings near the river because water is an important resource in the dessert. Machu Picchu was one of the most powerful cities in South America because it’s emperor Incan made his home there. The author of the article suggests we should learn from these past cities to ensure disasters do not ruin our cities in the years to come.

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The article would be most likely found in the opinion section of a newspaper. If the highway bypass were to cut right through the Ellwood Acres subdivision, it would depreciate the prices of houses in the area. People would get as much money for the houses as the current price. The prices would be lowered because of increased noise, pollution, and traffic, which is unsafe for kids.

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Interview with Mr. Samuels

The interviewer was doing a research project on collect stories from real Americans to be entered into the historical registry. He was primarily focused on researching the effects of slavery on the slaves psyche. Slavery was a blight on the otherwise glorious U.S. history. Though the narrator went on in his history career, he had never found the rest of the research as strong to learn from.

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I’ll Do It Tomorrow …

Dr. Piers Steel from the University of Calgary conducted an experiment to show 95% of people procrastinate. This is a very common problem. The author used the example of being hungry. When you go to the kitchen you can have a bag of chips, or make the sandwich. You have all the ingredients to make the sandwich but you have to prepare it and clean up, rather than open the bag and through it out. Most people would grab the bag of chips even though it won’t keep you as full for very long. The bag of chips is instant gratification and delayed gratification would be the sandwich. Instant gratification occurs when you get to enjoy something right away; conversely, delayed gratification requires a person to wait until the enjoyment can happen. Instant gratification may be immediately rewarding, but it is not always the best choice. Procrastination can cause stress and anxiety. Procrastinators tend to give into the pleasure principle, and will most often choose instant gratification over delayed. One of the best ways to avoid procrastinating is turning of your cell phone and television.

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The Head of the Household

Miss Gilder had performed all of the duties like scrubbing floors to cooking to answering the doors and then finally to overseeing Lady Kirsten’s wardrobe and calendar. Of course she had to work to get from scrubbing floors to overseeing the wardrobe and calendar. The Head of the House was Miss Richards. However, she was retiring and a new Head of House was necessary. Lady Kristen assumed Miss Gilder wanted to, so she asked her and Miss Gilder cried and exclaimed, “This is the happiest day of my life!” Though Miss Gilder was respectful to the servants, and only needing to be stern when they weren’t performing, she didn't care about their personal lives. Miss Gilder at Chambord Manor was polite, professional, and serious.

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Hunting for Pearls

As a kid, the author would spend hours looking for pearls on the beach. Since jewelry stores were filled with bracelets, necklaces, and rings made of pearls, she thought if she looked carefully she would find one herself. When a foreign object like sand gets trapped in the oyster’s shell, it covers the object in nacre. Nacre is the inside part of an oyster’s shell and what a pearl is made of. Layers upon layers of nacre are placed on the object. This forms a pearl. If no human interference occurs in this process, a rare and very valuable natural pearl is formed. Cultured pearls are made the same way, but an oyster farmer places the sand inside the shell. Natural pearls are almost impossible to find. It is estimated that one ton of oysters will only contain three or four natural pearls.

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Gold jewelry is made using alloys. Pure gold is not used to make rings, however if mixed with other metals it creates a alloy to be created for jewelry. Adding metals can also make gold change colours to be a desirable white or rose gold. The lower the karat rating, the less pure the gold. The higher the karat rating, the more expensive the gold. The higher the karat rating, the more valuable the gold.