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Helen and Jenny finally met up in their late 50's. On the journey to finding each other they find out they have another sister, Patricia.They still haven't found out that their twins, and are just starting to unwind the knot of secrets that Mercia somehow kept up with. I think that Mercia (Their mother), didn't even consider telling Helen she had a sister ,when Helen was longing for someone to help her keep up as a small child, an unbreakable bond with someone who she can relate with.

Patricia wasn't taking it well, she didn't even know Mercia was her mother for Mercia gave her to her relatives because her husband was in war prison and it would be very shameful if anyone knew she had a baby with a different man. Patricia didn't like that, so she wrote a short letter to Jenny. It said that she doesn't want to talk to Helen or Jenny. She just wants to shove all the information that she received and put it into a box.

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In my book i have about a quarter left to read. Right now they are in there 40's and still have not found each other.
Awhile ago in the book Jenny got married and was forced to live with her parents with her husband. Then her dad died, even though he abused her and neglected her she still felt sorrow. Then her mother started living with them but now her mother has a flat but visits her everyday.

Helen had a boyfriend for 15 years but then broke up and got married to Sam a different guy, she got married in her 40's!
She then gave birth to 2 babies. She and her husband felt too fortunate so they decided to fly to Romaine  and help a children's hospital. They then got to adopt a little baby.It was a struggle to get him across the country but they did it. That is where i am at the moment.

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6~ I think this book is kind of in between non fiction and fiction , because its a story but its a true story.
7~The book was about a personal journey between two souls. I think they did really well, its very depressing at some moments but there's always marvellous moments too.
8~It inspired me by being tough even when its rough, and broken hearted.
9~I definitely would read another book by the authors but i don't think they made another book.
10~I would say that this book changed my life in a positive way by never giving up.

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The story is about two twins that got separated at birth. One was loved and cherished and the other one was abused and unloved.
It starts off when there are around 2 and carry's on the the adult years. Right now they are currently in there 30's.
1~ I don't detest these people. Because they did not do anything wrong, I do detest one of there parents because they abuse there children.
2~To let love, not bitterness, define you.
3~It read like a story, for example:" I was sitting in my hand-me-down pram.My damp clothes hung heavy around me and my bonnet's fur trim, clung to my cheeks like icy fingers. I felt numb, abandoned."
4~That golf is actually a worldwide sport.