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Topic: I Was Here by Gayle Forman

At the beginning of the fiction book “I Was Here” the main character Cody, who is the narrator, is struggling with the death of her best friend, Meg. Meg had drank a rare bottle of industrial-strength cleaner and had only sent an email to her parents and Cody saying that she had taken her life to end her own pain but she knew it would cause them pain and she was sorry for that and telling them it was not their fault. When reading this book I could really tell that Cody was getting fed up with all the memorial services, vigils, and prayer circles to the point where she didn't even want to go anymore because they were pointless because nothing was going to bring Meg back or even change anything for that matter. She especially thought the pray circles and other religious ceremonies were pointless because Meg couldn't even have a proper ceremony in the church nor be buried in the catholic graveyard because she had commit a sin by taking her own life.  After reading the first two and a half chapters I am really starting to take an interest in this book. I have previously read Gayle Forman’s books before and I have really taken a liking to her writing.

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Today I picked up on reading the end of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4 of the book the “I Was Here” by Gayle Forman. In this part of the book the Megs parents asked Cody if she wanted to stay and talk for a little bit after a supper that they had. Cody was scared that they were going to ask if she knew if Meg was thinking that way or planning to make her own life and had mentioned it. Meg did not mention it to Cody but Cody felt embarrassed and shameful because in the book she said she doesn't know what would be worse if she did know and didn't tell anyone or the fact that they grew up together and knew everything about each other and she had no clue about this. That is not what Megs parents wanted to ask Cody though, they wanted to ask her if she would go to Megs dorm room and bring back all of the important things she had there. Cody knew this was going to be hard for her but she knew it would be even harder for Meg’s parents, so she got a bus ticket and started heading to the University of Washington.