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This book that I'm reading starts of in the fields of Germany when the main character, Karl Friedmann, and his friends are playing wars games and practising strategies. Karl is part of a training camp that they practice for joining the Hitler Youth. The boys start to go into the battle of capture the flag. Karl ends up reaching the flag and has to fight to clear it and have control. There was one kid, Johann Weber, that did not defend himself and looked parodied.

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When Karl and his group arrived back at his camp, the camp leaders ordered the boys to stand in a formation. This is why they were presenting the best soldier of the battle that the had. There best soldier that the selected was Karl. Karl had gotten seven kills and he captured the flag to gain the victory for his team. He achieved a silver medal star that he pinned to his uniform. Karl was very proud and so was everyone else. After the celebration the losing team had to run  over to the other side of the field and do 100 push-ups. All did what they were told, except Johann Weber, who just walked over and lied face flat on the ground. There leaders came over and kicked dirt in his face and ordered him to do what he was told. He didn't do that and that caused the them to deiced that he was going to have a boxing match, Johann vs all of the other kids. Karl was up first and he punched him to the ground. After that everyone went inside to have lunch.