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Topic: Death run- Jack higgins with Justin Richands

The book started off in Venice with two kids and their dad. The kid's names are Jade and Rich. They all decided to go to the cafe to grab a drink, and while they were siting there the dad got suspicious of a lady following them. The lade was wearing a black hat and was reading a book. They left the cafe to see if the lady would follow them. She did follow them. They went back to the cafe, sat down, and Jade saw four men wearing golden masks across the street. Jade told her dad and her dad made a plan to split up. The kids go back to the hotel out the back door of the cafe, and he would stay at the cafe. They ran to the hotel at fast as they could. When Jade and Rich got back to the suite,some one with a black mask was there in the bed room.

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Once the kids knew that there was a man in a black mask, they hide. The man finds Rich and started talking to him, Rich knew that voice and the man name was Ralph. Ralph has worked with the kids dad before he was a eastern-European gangster, he had helped the kids get there dad back when he got kidnapped once. Then Rich and Ralph stared to argue Ralph was saying that he was there to help, and Rich was saying he was here to hurt them. During all of this Jade was still hiding.

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Jade phoned her dad trying to tell him that Ralph was in their room, but there dad did not answer. After that Rich had ran out off the room down the stairs out side, Ralph followed him so did Jade. Rich ran in to a casino in to the back room Ralph had garbed him and had stopped him from running away. Jade stopped and tried phoning her dad again  he answered Jade told him the story and he said that he was already there and hung up the phone.