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Topic: Wings Of Fire, Tui T. Sitherland

Wings Of Fire is a fictional book that is about dragons, it starts off with Starflight extremely hurt and says how much she ached and how much pain she was in. Then talks about Morrowseer's visit had started with threats, when he had all this pain he was thinking about that this was a dream and he was still back at camp under the mountain. Starflight needs to hold the Night-wing reputation and that Night-wings are natural leaders, in this camp they were training young Night-wings to be in the prophecy. this book is a great fictional story but get the ones before this one to get the full picture.

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Wings Of Fire: Tui T. Sutherland bt2

In Wings Of Fire Starflight overheard Morrowseer lecture and he thought to himself that if he wanted to be a leader he had to convince his prophecy mates to vote for blister as the new Sandwings queen because everything is depending on him. When starflight tried convincing them to vote for blister they practically laughed at him, Starflight then heard claws scrabbled on rock and then his eyes felt heavy as scales brushed past him it was Sunny which whom he is in love with, she glanced at him with a smile and before that he was thinking about his tribe and saying sorry that he was not responsible for what his tribe did. Starflight was watching a hole when one of he friends left leaving him to watch the hole alone and then out of the darkness, dark wings came out and talons circling his nose. A dark voice hissed in his ear and said "Silence if you want your friend to live" and then another voice said "Better safe then sorry." Then he said in his mind that he knew it was going to hurt right before the blow struck is head, and that was the last thing he remembered.

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Wings Of Fire: Tui T. Sutherland bt3

Starflight was woken up in Wings Of Fire after getting a blow in his head, dragon poured water onto him to see if he was dead or alive, Which he was alive waking up to dragons talking to each other. Starflight then said hello to six seven or even eight dark figures standing in front of him, one dragon stepped forward poked at his mouth looked at his teeth and jabbed at his chest and then declared "weak." The other dragons then said "Oh your just saying that to hpe they pick you for the prophecy instead," the friendlier one stepped forward and told him to ignore her older sister. This book is great for fiction books

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Wings Of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland bt4

Starflight is taken to the castle where he is kept to be one of the prophecy going against the new person he meets Fatespeaker, these two aren't competitive about it. Fatespeaker then follows Starflight and Morrowseer to go see Starflight's father, his father shows him around his lab until they leave. Starflight is sickened that they have tortured Rainwings to find out a way to counter the Rainwings poison and then build armor for their army so they can take the rainwings land, because theirs is falling apart. In the mean time Starflight and Fatespeaker go into the abandon area that was over flowed with lava, in this place as they are checking around Starflight finds a dream visitor (to find out what that is you have to read the books). because they got rid of squid which was one of the replacements they were going for Starflights friend Tsunami, Starflight had to warn Glory about it. These parts are pretty interesting in the book because new people lead to new problems in this.