Topic: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By: Denslow and Neille Baum

So far the story has started by the the tornado and Dorthy walking up in Oz. This book has two stories in one but this is the first one. I am rally liking the book so far. Did you know that Th wicked Witch of the East's shoes are in fact  not ruby they are silver boots. There was one part in the story so far that I really liked and took as a metaphor, it was when Dorthy was on the house while it was hurling through the air. at first she was very scared but after a couple of hours she calmed down rested, and felt safe. I put this as even when things aren't working out for you, you have to realise it will come to a end and you will be okay it might just take some time.

Re: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz By: Denslow and Neille Baum

Where I am at now is where Dorthy has found out that she has to visit the Wizard of Oz to be returned back home, she sets out on her journey and has met the scarecrow with no brains. On the way there she met some munchkins that were having a party because the Wicked witch was dead. I don't think Dorthy realised how much and how many people her accident effected. It would be the same if I said something mean to someone it would ruin their day and then they would ruin other's day all because of me. Dorthy was wearing a white and blue checked dress and the same munchkins thought that she was a very powerful good witch, just because of how she was dressed, in reality Dorthy is just a human. It's crazy how far looks can get you, just remember don't judge a book for it's cover. I am liking the book so far it's interesting and I have things I like to talk about.