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In this beginning of the book I will be talking about Shaken it's written by Eric Walter, Josh was a fifteen-year-old boy that has been turned upside down, and his mother has recently died and his father, a minister, has started a job in a new town. Josh and his younger sister name Sarah have been enlisted to accompany his dad's congregation on a missionary trip to an orphanage in Haiti. Suddenly a catastrophe hits and Josh felt the devastating earthquake and how he is gonna be able to find and help his family from the disaster is coming.

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As I continue reading, Josh board into Air Canada flights and describe what it feels like going in their, and how fun the winter in Canada the reason why Josh and her sister come along to Canada is that there father had a little mission trip to Haiti. Air Canada Flight 950 to Port-au-Prince will begin boarding as Josh and his sister getting ready to get on after they got into the plane, his father pray and hoping they would have a safe flight to where they are heading, and Josh put on some headphones, watch a movie, and try to ignore the people who is sitting beside him while they are on the plane.