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Topic: ReadTherory

The question:
Think of most of the biographies you have read or seen in your life. Do you agree with the author’s assertion that most of these have been about men? Why or why not? Which biographies of women have you ever seen or read?

I do believe that most of the biographies I have seen and read are about men. However, there has been a few about women I have seen or read. For example queen Isabella. Queen Isabella funded Christopher Columbus. She also established Spain as a global power for a century. She and her husband successfully completed the Reconquista. The Reconquista was an attempt to get land from Muslim states. Essentially it was a war caused by two different religions. Another important factor to be considered is when reading biographies how reliable is the writer and source. For example, if the person who wrote the biography isn’t even in the same century and isn’t basing his/her biography from accounts from that century he/she is not a reliable source of information or if the writer is known for making lies up about people he/she is not trustworthy.