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Warriors The Sight, comes to a cat clan in the forest, that clans name is Thunderclan. Their leader is Firestar he is the general of everything his duty is to make decisions on how to act against a problem or another clan. Firestar has a prophecy placed upon him for three little kits hold the power of the star within their grasp. He is told this by the elders, for they looked beyond what he could see then. He finally got to the point where the prophecy would finally show itself, for his daughter had kits and those three were named Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit. It starts off to the kits playing in the nursery where they take care of the sick, old, and kits they were chasing a mouse to kill or play with it, Jaykit wouldn't let his siblings get it first so he hopped over on top of the other kits which were in the nursery. Thankfully no one was hurt but he and his siblings Hollykit and Lionkit were told to play outside so they could not hurt anyone and also that the nursery wasn't for playing. This is the introduction to the story which gives us an idea of what's about to go on and why these kits are so important.

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In Warriors The Sight we come to a problem within Thunderclan the patrol come back saying they have found a fox, this is bad because foxes can beat cats, but this fox was dead caught in a trap. This is a problem because its a girl and this means cubs the cubs may not be a problem now but in the future, they will become dangerous to fight so they must act quickly to get rid of them. While patrol when out to locate these cubs to either run them out of the territory or kill the Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit decide they want to help their clan. By this they run out of the camp to take down the cubs, they search and hide from the patrol they finally after getting through the forest find the dead fox. This means they can track down the cubs because Jaykit is blind which makes his nose strong for the smell. They run to find the cubs and finally discover that the patrol is looking in the wrong place, they find the cubs and get ready to pounce, but they didn't expect them to be bigger than them. with nearly escaping they get out Jaykit falls down a hole and breaks his legs with a stabbing pain he faints. This part is interesting because I thought they were going to prove their worth to Thunderclan.