Topic: The house of the Scorpion by: Nancy Farmer

In my new book, Matt the main character in this story is loaned to a maid named Celia. Celia takes care of Matt making him warm and delicious meals every day and helping him get crayons. Celia worked as a maid as you might already know, she works in a big house with ungrateful kids that never say thank you t her when she cleans up their disgusting messes, and they also don't say thank you when she makes a cake with sugar roses and violets and green leaves. All the rich kids in the Big House would always complain about the food tasting like mud. After a long day at work, Celia and Matt went back to their home and Matt started washing dishes, while Celia was taking a shower. Celia came out of the shower with her voluminous pink bathrobe on and thanked Matt for doing the dishes. After that, Matt went to bed and Celia went to tuck him in and tell him a story called the Virgin of Guadalupe.