Topic: Matched by: Ally Condie

My third book that I will be making a book talk about is Matched, by Ally Condie. It is a Man versus society and man versus man. So far, in the book I have discovered that every girl and boy  who turns 17 every year,  on a certain month gets to be given a match. Match like a soulmate. I’ve also had bits of pieces about two of the three main character. Cassie and Xander, the two was childhood best friends. Cassie was a young, small, gorgeous lady, she had straight small nose, green eyes and copper-brown hair. She also had her birthday on the day of the Banquet. Xander was a handsome boy even when he was young, he had blue eyes, blonde hair and he was tall too. They were both to attend the Match Banquet. Match Banquet is an event that matches girls and boys together.

Re: Matched by: Ally Condie

As Xander and Cassia separated for their own seats, Cassia sat in her seat nervously. Cassia’s thought shifted her attention to a girl that she knew. Lea Abbey. As she observes Lea got called up, I noticed Cassia had lots of big word or poem like lines, like the ones I read in the first paragraph of the book. I also noticed that in the book Cassia said that her dad worked in a library. I just wanted to emphasis it, because it mind come in handy along the way on reading the book. She said things like, “It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our future.”