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I have just begun to read the book "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. The author starts this book by naming different activities you can do in 19 minutes. Such as, you can order pizza and get it delivered, walk a mile, or read a story to your child. The author then says "In nineteen minutes you can get revenge." I think that this is a very intriguing way to start a book, by drawing the readers to find out what revenge happened, and why.
Alex Cormier walked into her kitchen to find her daughter, Josie, hunched over at the table looking at a textbook. Josie looked exhausted as she poured coffee into her glass. Alex told Josie that she shouldn't be coffee, and she responded by telling her she shouldn't be smoking cigarettes. Josie looked at her mother challenging any other "vices" she had, which I learned means habits. Before Alex left she made Josie breakfast and made her promise to eat, but when her mother walked out the door she scrapped her plate into the garbage. Why doesn't Josie want to eat?

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Josie is the perfect girl, with the best grades, good looks, and the best boyfriend, but she doesn't always think she is that lucky. Josie feels trapped as if there is nowhere else to go. "A room with no windows and no doors" as the author explained Josie's thoughts. Sure Josie seems almost perfect, but no one knows whats going on in her head, and how hard it is for her to get up some mornings. Josie looked in her nightstand and stared at the zip lock bag full of 15 pills in which she had acquired from her mother's prescription medication over the last 6 months. Josie didn't plan of killing herself but she had the pills as a back up plan, if something went wrong and people found out she was faking it. Faking the smiles and laughs. this really makes me think how you never know what someone is going through. Anyone who seems to be happy could actually be desperately needing your help. Someone who you are close to, and know everything about could be feeling this way without you knowing.

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Patrick sat at the red light, in his police car, when he got the message. Signal 1000, which meant life or death. Patrick arrived at the school, grabbed his bulletproof vest and ran inside. Chaos ran out of the school. The fire alarm rang so loud he struggled to hear the gunshots. Everywhere he went, he saw bodies lying on the ground. Patrick followed the gunshots into the gym, where he found more bodies on the ground, one of which was moving. He ran up to see if the boy was okay when the boy pulled a pistol out from under his leg and held it up to his own head. I can't imagine this happening at my school. Every student came to school that morning as the would a regular day, but it wanst going to be a regular day. This day would change their lives forever. This was the day someone would get "revenge." I don't know what would lead someone to get this kind of revenge, but I assume I will find out.