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Topic: Looking For Alaska By:John Green

Miles Halter is a 17-year-old boy who is going to Culver Creek which is a preparatory school in Birmingham, Alabama, Miles was in room 48 and had a short roommate named Chip. Chip was called the Colonel and he made a nickname for Miles too, they called him “Pudge” it was an irony because he was so skinny and tall. The Colonel had been at the school for many years so he knew his way around, the first thing he did with Pudge was take him to get the Colonel’s old couch that he found on the street a few years before. The one thing Pudge didn’t know was that the Colonel was a smoker and made him pay for all his cigarettes which they bought from a girl named Alaska, she was in a room by herself because her roommate wasn't coming. Alaska charged five dollars for a pack of cigarettes, not too much compared to what a person has to pay now. My book is off to a good start, in my head I have a prediction of what might come next.