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Ruth is the protagonist in Small Great Things.  The moment that changed her life was when she was young and it had snowed so much they couldn't go to school.  Not able to stay home alone Ruth and her sister, Rachel, go with her mom who works in a big house for Sam Hallowell and his family.  It was early in the morning the Hallowells were still asleep when all of the sudden a scream so piercing that it stabbed Ruth in the chest.  This is personification because it is giving the scream the human ability to stab someone which a scream can't do.  Ruth's mom nearly dropped the teapot and then she flew upstairs to find Ms. Mina ready to give birth.  She was one month early and not ready at all.  Lou, Ruth's mom, called the ambulance but they weren't able to come due to all the snow so Lou helped Ms. Mina deliver a baby.  This is the day that changed Ruth's life.  When she grew up she became a delivery nurse.  Another way that it changed her life was watching how two women of different color were seen as equal.  One woman helping another.  I wish that all races and genders were seen equal all the time just as Ruth does.

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When Ruth shows up to work she assigned to a patient who just delivered a baby.  Her name was Brittany Bauer.  Her and her husband, Turk, decided to name the baby Davis.  When Ruth is about to walk in another nurse named Lucille walks out and warns her something seems off about the father.  Not thinking much Ruth walks in the room and asks Brittany what the baby's name is.  Brittany doesn't answer instead she looks up at Turk.  Eventually, she chokes out the word Davis and when Ruth is about to grab him for his exam she holds Davis so tight.  Ruth is confused and she begins the checkup while Brittany is holding onto Davis.  After a while, she asks if she can take Davis to get him washed off and does so with the parents' consent.  While she is turned away Ruth feels uncomfortable while all she can hear is the parents whispering.  When she hands the baby back Turk towers over Ruth and tells her to get away from their baby.  I feel bad for Ruth because she has done nothing wrong.  Continuing his sentence he says he wants to talk to her boss.  Leaving the room she goes to get Marie who is confused.  When Ruth and Marie enter the room Turk looks at Marie and says, I don't want her touching my son again".  Marie begins to assure him that Ruth is one of the best nurses but he cuts her off.  "I don't want her or anyone who looks like her touching my son," Turk continues.  That's when Ruth realizes she did nothing wrong but it's who she is.  I feel really bad for Ruth because she is being discriminated.