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Topic: Keeping My Sisters Secrets by:Bezzy Marsh

I started a new book and it’s about a family of five, mainly about the three little girls though. At the beginning of the book, Eva is sent to get day-old bread from the baker. The family was poor but their parents had work (the 1930s). There was the mom and the dad, Peggy the eldest, Kathleen, Eva, Jim and Frankie. Frankie got run over by a lorry a few years back and that made the insurances go up, Eva didn’t understand insurances but she just knew that they would usually run out of money by Wednesday. James the father of the family was abusive and had anger issues, Eva started to steal for her mom so she could pay for food and clothes. Kathleen got really sick in the beginning and now has a fragile heart, she loves playing the piano as well. Peggy met this boy named George while she was trying to listen outside the bar for any intel on the politics. A policeman comes behind them and tells them to get home now, all of a sudden many policemen are surrounding the pub and men come out to fight. George and Peggy try to run back to their houses but are trapped, George just jumps out of the way when Peggy gets the wind knocked out of her. And George has to carry her to a random house, a lady opened the door and realized that it was Margaret's daughter Peggy, Peggy had a swelled up lip and was injured pretty badly. The lady fixed her up but when Peggy got home her mother saw and was horrified. George wanted to kiss Peggy and had her blue hair ribbon. One night James came home with a bandage around his hand and said that he was sorry, he accidentally cut off two of his fingers and after it healed he couldn’t have his old job back. Things were going very wrong and very poor, when one day James came through the front door holding a package, he said that it was what his job gave him for pension, it was 10 pounds! The whole family rejoiced and they paid off their debts, and insurances first, they then went on a family vacation to the beach, just a train ride away for a whole day. When they came back they had nice clothes and hats but then their neighbour from across the street was in labour, she had nothing and her husband was pacing back and forth. The ladies around the street brought linen and everything to help Mary and her newborn, Nanny day (Margaret's mom) came to help the delivery. At the beginning of the book, everything was kind of smashed together but I think it's interesting, I added many stories to the one I just wrote from the book. They're pages apart but that is what's happening, it's a bit hard to follow along with but once you get to know the charcter's it gets intersting.

Re: Keeping My Sisters Secrets by:Bezzy Marsh

After the vacation Nanny day took Eva, Kathleen and Frankie to some Irish relatives. It was a day trip but Kathleen didn’t want her brother and sister to come with her. When they got there they were greeted by their cousins, who were dirty as can be. Later that night Kathleen’s Uncle played the fiddle and her cousins were doing an Irish jig. Kathleen joined in but her brother and sister were laughing at them. When they left that night Nanny day was furious with Eva and Frankie.
Eva had been up to no good. She stole money from a register and now she was doing business with Lumps. Lump was a homeless woman who also was known for stealing. Eva had gone to her and stole cigarettes for her. Lumps and Eva went on a train, Lumps had told Eva that she would get paid but she wanted her to meet the leader of the forty thieves. Eva thought they were a myth but in reality, they were real and Eva might be one. Went passed all these poor buildings and up some stairs to an apartment door. Lumps knocked and Eva was sweating, her heartbeat was racing. I would not go anywhere with a criminal. The door was answered by a very proper lady, who had nice things all over the flat. The woman sent Lumps outside and she talked to Eva, she was talking about how she could steal and that Lumps said she was quite a little thief. Eva was still spooked until two other women that were nicely dressed came towards her, they started to flip their skirt and open secret compartments in their hats, finally, they had a whole pile of jewelry and fancy clothing. Eva skipped school the next day to meet them. I was really worried about Eva and I hope she doesn’t get caught.