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"One For Sorrow" is a book by Mary Downing Hahn. A girl named Annie, moves to a new town where she knows nobody. On her first day of school, she wonders if she'll make any friends. After her class, she walked into the cloakroom, hoping she would make some friends during recess. While grabbing her sweater, a girl grabs her hand. Out of shock, Annie looks up and this girl. Her name was Elsie. Elsie insisted that her and Annie were going to be best friends. The other girls in her class didn't like Elsie and made fun of her. After recess, Elsie told on the girls for making fun of her. The girls glared at Elsie, and the looks from the girls shifted towards Annie. Annie had no clue what she had done wrong, but she knew that she didn't want to be friends with Elsie at all. When school was over, Annie thought it was her escape from Elsie, but in fact, it wasn't. Elsie invited herself to Annie's home, where they drank hot chocolate and ate cookies. After eating, Elsie insisted that they go to Annies room and play. Annie hated the way Elsie was handling her toys. Out of frustration and anger, Annie tries snatching her favorite doll that Elsie was tearing apart, ou tof Elsie's hands. When the attempt ended in the doll breaking, Elsie started screaming at Annie about her life. Elsie's life was not typical. She lost her mother at birth and hated her stepmother. Her father was abusive, beating her and locking her in the cellar for hours at a time. As time passed, Annie didn't want Elsie in the house anymore so she reminded Elsie that it was almost dark and that she should be getting home. Walking downstairs, Annie's mother greeted them and offered Elsie a ride home when her Annies father got home. Elsie lied and said that Annie had invited her to dinner, which Annie did not appreciate, but her mother insisted that she went home and ate there instead. On the ride home, Annie tried to ignore Elsie to the best of her abilities, which was impossible. Out of rage, Elsie grabbed and pinched Annie's arm as hard as she could. forcing her to be her friend. When the car stopped, Elsie got out and ran to the door, where her father grabbed her and pulled her inside. Annie climbed into the front seat and leaned on her father's shoulder in fear. She couldn't tell her mother or father about Elsie and make Elsie's anger worse. She decided to stay quiet. At the dinner table, Annie's parents were concerned about their child. She wasn't eating and was being very peckish about her food. Annie stayed quiet, and didnt tell her parents about how much she disiked Elsie.

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When Annie went to school the next day, Elsie was waiting for her at the school gates. She had a cold and she told Annie that her parents grounded her so she couldn't go to Annie's house until next Monday. Annie felt grateful that Elsie had gotten sick, but she still had to see her at school. At recess, Annie saw the popular girls in her class playing a game she was very good at. She broke out of Elsie's grip and joined the group. A girl named Rosie had 22 points. After she got 23 bounces, she dared someone to beat her. Annie walked into the center of the circle and started bouncing the ball. She got 36 bounces. Rosie was jealous that someone was better than her at the game, and called a rematch the next day. While walking into the school, Rosie and Annie became friends. For the next few days, Annie hung out with the popular girls and avoided Elsie as much as possible. None of the popular girls liked Elsie, and made fun of her and called her names. It didn't help that her father was German, and their country was at war with the Germans. In October, news came that there was a nasty flu going around killing people. Annie worried that her and her friends would catch the flu and die, but her mother assured her that they would be fine. That week of school, Rosie came over to Annie's house to play, Her and Annie were best friends. One day, Rosie looked out the window and saw Elsie swinging on the gate. Rosie ran outside and started calling Elsie names, and pushed her over, causing Elsie to cry. The rest of school that month, Elsie just glared at Annie is despise. November came, and the flu had reached where Annie lived, so school was shut down until it was safe to return. During the flu, Rosie came up with the idea of going to strangers viewings, just to get free sweets and drinks. Annie thought this was a bad idea, but she wanted to stay friends with Rosie, so she agreed to go along with her. When December came, they had been to so many viewings, that they had been to nearly everyone's house in town. One day Rosie saw Elsie on the swing with a mask on. Rosie ran up to Elsie and pushed her off the swing and started teasing her and yelling at her. Elsie ran home crying once again, but she had dropped her mask. Rosie put the mask on and started joking around. Next week, Rosie and Annie were walking to go to another viewing. While walking, Rosie got cold and saw a door with a black wreath on the door. They went in and walked towards the coffin. When they saw who was in the coffin, both of them dropped to their knees crying. Elsie was cold and frozen like a statue. She looked peaceful in her coffin. almost like she was sleeping. The girls left the house and Rosie threw up and cried that it was her fault that Elsie died. School started again shortly after Elsie's death. And nothing was gonna be the same after that.

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Annie went sledding with her classmates in the cemetery. The hills were steep, and it was dangerous to sled down the hill, steering away from the headstones. Annie caught air going over a slope and hit a headstone. When she became conscious again, her head was bleeding, and her classmates gathered around her. They lifted Annie onto the sled and took her to the doctor. She had a concussion and needed a few stitches where she cut her head. Annies parents were warned that Annie may experience hallucinations, and may hear things, and needed plenty of rest before going to school. That night, Annie had vivid dreams about Elsie grabbing her hand, and leading her to a big black door. Annie always woke up before the door opened, but she knew that the big black door, was the door of death. Annie recovered well, but on the night before school, she saw something she thought that was impossible. Elsie was sitting in her rocking chair, staring directly at Annie. Elsie began to threaten Annie, saying that she'd make Annie's life miserable, making her family and friends hate her and get her in trouble. The first thing Elsie made Annie do, was put Elsie's infected mask into Rosie's bookbag. When Annie reached the cloakroom, Elsie forced Annie to say things and do horrible things. She was sent home because the teacher thought Annie had still not recovered from her accident. That night, Annie started yelling at Elsie to leave her alone, she yelled and screamed and made a huge scene. When Annies parents came upstairs, they saw Annie destroying her room. Her father was trying to hold Annie down, while her mother frantically tried calling the doctor. Annie passed out after having her episode and woke up to the doctor standing over her. He gave her a pill to put her to sleep and make her relax. Before Annie fell asleep, she saw Elsie smirking and laughing at her in anger. Once Annie woke up again, she was in a different room that she didn't notice. She sat up and looked around the room. Her parents were right beside her, her mother crying and her father looking worried. She was in a home where they thought she would get the help she needed. She explained to the doctor that she could see Elsie and that Elsie made her do and say horrible things. He laughed and said it was a part of her imagination. That night, at dinner, Annie met an old women named Miss Jenkins. Miss Jenkins knew something was wrong with Annie because she kept looking outside and acting strange. After dinner, Annie walked into her room to find Elsie sitting on her bed witha red crayon. On the walls were cuss words and inappropriate pictures. Annie tried scrubbing the crayon off with her hands, but nothing worked. A nurse walked in and saw what Elsie had done, but she blamed it on Annie. Annie was made to scrub the walls until they were clean the next morning. At dinner, Miss Jenkins pulled Annie into the hallway. She told Annie that she could see Elsie, and she offered to help. She told Annie to try and be friends with Elsie because it could help bring her to peace. It was very hard for Annie to try because Elsie was annoying and she was mean and evil. No matter how hard Annie tried, Elsie didn't want to be friends at all. At dinner the next night, Annie didn't see Miss Jenkins anywhere. Annie knew something had happened, so she ran the nurses office. There, she found Miss Jenkins, cold and pale, barely breathing. Miss Jenkins told Annie that she had little time left and that she could take Elsie away. That night, Annie woke up to her bedroom window open. She looked outside and saw Elsie running and playing in the grass. Elsie told Annie to come outside and play with her, so she climbed out the window, and followed Elsie. When the two girls were sitting at the pond, Elsie stood up and turned around in alarm. She saw someone coming, but Annie couldn't see them. Elsie pulled Annie close and pointed to the figure. The mysterious figure turned into Miss Jenkins. Miss Jenkins came to take Elsie somewhere, where Elsie would be happy. At first, Elsie was hesitant but ended up going with Miss Jenkins. Elsie was gone for good, and couldn't bother Annie anymore, though it did make Annie sad that she lost a person she knew, It made her happier by knowing Elsie was in a better place. After a week, the doctor let Annie go home. Everything was normal again and Elsie was finally at peace.