Topic: Fish in a Tree

In my book today Allys class goes to an old heritage park and they get a tour of the place. They got to see what the houses looked like, and the school. Once they got into the school they all found a seat in the desks and the tour guide told them that when the kids would have to show their teacher work they would get chalkboards to write on. Shae wrote something mean about Ally on the board and Ally saw it so she got up and left the room and ran outside to the playground. Mr. Daniels came after Ally and wanted to make sure she was ok. Once he got up to her he talked to her about how he knows that it's hard for her to read and so he talked to the readers in the school that helps kids learn how to read and they both want to help Ally. Mr. Daniels was going to talk to Alys mom once they got home and tell her about the tests that she would have to do in order to find out of she has dyslexia. He was going to work with Ally every day after school to help her to learn to read and he told her that she is going to get through this with him.