Topic: The fever code James Dashner

Hi today I read the next 20 pages of the book.  It is really starting to get to the good parts. The 20 pages start with Thomas Teresa and the 3 boys going to there secret hangout. The kids are intrigued on doing something fun and then Newt the kid who has a British accent has a brilliant idea of taking Thomas and Teresa to the outside world. Thomas and Teresa aren’t the easiest on this idea but then Alby the oldest says this has to be there recognition to the group there have now portages in.  Alby, Minho, and Newt made there way to the outside followed by Thomas and Teresa. They made there way up a very unstable ladder we’re Thomas almost slipped and fell to his doom, and then when getting on a platform Thomas and Teresa almost tripped each other( getting a simple scrape on the outside world can be almost fatal because if not immune to virus they aren’t exactly able to be healed without Turing to a crank they will be exiled and put you death). When they got to the outside world and had a great look of the scorched land they lived on, they could believe there eyes( the building they lived in was prompted against a old auditorium of the Great Alaska. The scorch has done so much damage to the world it has even scorched the glaciers to the edge of there existence and brought water well well  below sea level). Anyways Thomas and Teresa were basically looking at a desert IN ALASKA!!!!! They stood there in silence for a couple minutes until Minho had the erdge  to to be the one to say he leaving WICKED to find his family. Of course the kids ran out to try and stop him,  and then that when it happened, the scariest part of the night. A spotlight rose on the kids and at least 2 dozen guards came out followed by Janson.  Janson came out and then told the kids what they were doing and trying to achieve by doing this. After a long talk of what they were trying to do, Janson told the guards that they had to send the kids to crank pits. The kids were curious and scared of the outcomes they were going to face. The kids were locked in a big spacious platform with barbed fence around it.they were put in there for at least ten minutes and they heard screams, breath taking moans, and saw the most scariest of all cranks in front of them, as that watched the cranks in front of them Thomas saw a man in the corner sitting on a chair starring at them. Thomas notes his friends attention from the cranks to the man in the corner. When the man saw that he got all the kids attention he sat up and drew on his chalk board WICKED IS GOOD. After that the man came closer to the bunched  up scared kids and introduced himself and (John Michael) said to them that he had the flare and spent most of his time out here. He said he was the founder of this establishment and he was out one day taking samples from a crank and that’s when the crank full out bit his arm and the start of horror started for this poor man.  He said the kids have to believe that WICKED is good because if they don’t have will they have cure for when his days were over then they might not have a cure forever.
John then dropped to his knees and vomited some blood while mumbling. The guards came out to see what was happening, again followed by Janson. One of the guards pointed out to Janson that John was becoming a crank and the the guard escorted the kids out of the pit.  On the way out the kids heard a gunshot looked back to see John dead with a stream of blood coming out of his forehead and steam coming from Janson’s gun. On the way back to there rooms the kids spoke nothing and were so scared and traumatized they didn’t even sleep that night.
That wraps up this talk exited to read some more.