Topic: The Fever Code. James Dashner

Today again I also read the next 20 pages of the fever code.  It talks about Thomas and Teresa being involved in the maze trials experiment(the maze trials are trials which in the kids take part in.  It is an experiment to see if the kids are able to stand a higher life standards in the wild including monster who have partial crank behaviours. They do this to see if the kids are immune and able to withstand harsh situations in life).  They are introduced to this with 2 more kids named Aris and Rachel, the kids are chosen because they are the star students if this experiment and have been chosen to help build the maze.  Thomas and Teresa are stars of group A while Aris and Rachel are star of group B.
Later on it talks about Thomas and Teresa talking telepathically.  Thomas and Teresa can talk telepathic because a little bit back in the story it talks about a weird situation of Thomas and Teresa getting implants in there head.  They get these implants to see what they think about and how the body reacts to the flare.   Anyways Thomas and Teresa got these implants to see results more efficiently, they are now starting to talk more telepathically. This means that if they can talk telepathically they can talk about plans.
Thomas Teresa were on there way to the secret hide out one day and they stumbled into a young boy named chuck called ting in the hallway.  They say to chuck if he wants to follow along. He comes with the two children who are now 10 years old now and smarter. They meet at the secret hideout and introduce chuck to the Alby, Newt, and Minho. They greet him and then that when the story twist, Minho talks about escaping and then introduces a boy named Gally.
That wraps up the talk see you again.