Topic: Charlotte's Web by E B White Chapter 10 An Explosion

Charlotte came up with a plan to trick Mr Zuckerman. Fern told Avery to get that Frog outside,then Fern and Avery went on the swing in the barn. They were joking and teasing each other. Avery saw the web and he was going to catch the spider but he tripped on the trough and it tipped down and crushed the egg. it broke and there was a horrible smell and Charlotte was saved when Avery ran into the house. Lurvy showed up at lunchtime carrying a pail of food for Wilbur It smelled so incredibly awful that he tried to find out what was smelling and he found a rotten egg. he buried the broken egg and all templeton's other stuff. Charlotte was working on her plan to Save Wilbur from Zuckerman.