Topic: The Fever Code. James Dashner

Today I read the next 20 pages of the Fever Code.   I think it an excellent book so for.  It has got to the real juicy parts of the story and that’s what I like to read.
The 20 pages start when Minho brings along his friend named Gally to help him and “maybe” his friends, to escape from the WICKED  organization.  Gally is a tall, inaccurate, intense boy who thinks he is a know it all.  Anyways Minho and Gally have came up with a plan to escape from the really big building we’re they plotted smack in the middle.  After Minho first plan of escaping fail, he has had to think extra smart to “try” and escape. He said he has some people on the outside that will be waiting for him and they will catch a ride and drive to a secure vaccinated place.Thomas isn’t exactly keen with this idea but he also isn’t negatory about it either.
Then next day Alby, Chuck, Newt, Teresa, and Thomas decided to not go with Minho and Gally at the last second. They stood there saying there goodbyes and then Gally made their long journey to the outside.  It took them half of hour to reach and find the secret vent to the outside.  Minho decided he would take the longer way then the short because the last incident with trying to escape.  When Gally and Minho got the outside they got exited and we’re celebrating, that was when Gally accidentally tripped a wire and set off a alarm.  The boy stood still and in a slit second guards started to rush out and sooner or later the two boys were apprehended by WICKED.