Topic: Read Theory Quiz - Frankenstein: The Invention of a Genre

This quiz covers what is believed to be the invention of the horror genre.  Telling of how Shelley had written Frankenstein, one of the only widely-read horror novels today, this quiz disproves the common belief that Shelley had invented the horror genre.

The author cites many examples from history tracing back to the middle ages, a time around 1500-600 years ago.  The author insists that the writing ofFrankenstein did indeed not invent the horror genre, but rather was believed to have only because of it's persistent popularity in the present day.

If you had told me before reading the article that Shelley's Frankenstein did invent the horor genre, I would believe you, for lack of my own knowledge surrounding the subject.  However, after reading the article and answering the questions,  I've come to better understand that just because a lot of people believe something, that doesn't make it the truth.

I could go on and on about things that apply to the logic stated in the final senetence of the final paragraph above.  There's a lot in this society that people choose to believe, just because it's easy.  It's easy to do exactly what everyone else is doing in most cases.  It's easy to do the wrong thing.  It's easy to hate others rather than love them.  It's easy to spread gossip and lies.  JFK told us that we don't do things because they're easy,  but because they're hard.  It's hard to love people when they hate you because it's easy.  It's hard to stop the constant spread of lies and hatred.  It's hard to do the right thing, but it's a choice people have got to start making. 

It's hard to be loving in the face of unending hatred.  It's hard to choose the right thing.  It's hard to hang up on the cross and die because you're choosing to love.  It's all choices we make.