Topic: Rocket Blues by David Skuy

My new book is called Rocket Blues. So far it is a really good book and I like the topic of it which is hockey. The main character in the story is a kid named Brian who tries out for an AAA bantam hockey team. He is nicknamed the Rocket which I'm assuming is because he is fast. I picked this book because I have an interest in hockey books. The kid has difficulties because he lives in an old run-down apartment and his mom is poor. He has to take a bus to hockey which he finds difficult because everyone else moms had cars. I like how the author introduced the book. he had the setting, the problems, and the details about the character all nicely put into the first chapter. David Skuy is the author of this book and he is also the author of one of the other books I have read this year. He writes hockey books which is why I am interested in them so much. I found that the author does a great job of showing the emotions of the characters in these books.

Re: Rocket Blues by David Skuy

Rocket went to the tryouts and didn't make the team. Even though he was their leading scorer last year the new coach, Coach Barker cut him. He tried to talk to the coach but he wouldn't listen. He was told he was too small. Greg who is his friend Ty's dad tried to tell him to maybe try and fill his life with other passions instead of just hockey. He also told Rocket that he would make some calls to see if he could try out for another team even though they might already have their roster set. The author shows what Rocket is thinking as Greg is talking to him which really adds to the reader's view on how he is feeling. Rocket also is asked if he needs help putting his bag in Greg's truck but refuses and says am I too small for that? He goes home and the book describes his old apartment better and then the chapter ends.