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Old Yeller is a really good start so far. The dad is getting all ready to go to this cattle drive that he will be attending the next day and now Travis was getting really nervous about his leave. His dad had told him a day ago while he was gone that "he would have to be the man of the house until he got back and take over all the day to day work around the farm." It was the morning of the cattle drive and boy Travis was nervous and he didn't know why because he he had said t himself "I have done this before and I basically do it every day so I should stop worrying" but he just couldn't get it out of his head that he would let his father down. his father had been on his way and know Travis had t make sure everything ran smoothly as it could for the next couple of days.

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They were eating supper and as they were eating Travis could hear something and he had to go see what it was. When Travis had gone outside he had also noticed that some of the meat their family was drying out had been gone and this wasn't good at all. He had then heard something in the bush and it was moving really fast and he didn't know what to do so he had to go grab his father's shotgun. When he had come back with the gun it was a dog just sitting out in the middle where he could be seen no problem. Travis was so mad that he had pointed the gun at him and told him to get lost and Travis was about to pull the trigger but he just couldn't. But then he had thought for a second and said to himself " maybe I can get this dog to help me with things."