Topic: Divergent

Beatrice opens her eyes to find herself inside a simulation. She is standing in an empty version of the cafeteria and there are two baskets on a table before her. In one basket is a piece of cheese and in the other, a large knife. A voice tells Beatrice to choose, but she refuses to do so without knowing the reason. The baskets disappear and Beatrice is confronted with an angry and aggressive dog. She lies down in front of the dog, hoping to show submission and thus calm its aggression. The dog becomes friendly until a small girl appears. The dog lunges at the girl and Beatrice tackles the dog out of instinct. The scenario changes and Beatrice finds herself on a bus with a man reading a newspaper. The man points to the picture of a murderer in the paper and asks her if she knows him. Beatrice feels that she vaguely recognizes the photograph but chooses to lie and insist that she doesn't know the murderer. She does this despite the man's claim that she could save him by telling the truth.