Topic: Divergent

On the first day of training, the initiates learn the process will be divided into three stages that will test their physical, emotional, and mental strength. Four explains that he’ll be teaching the initiates how to shoot a gun and win a fight. Though Tris is initially unable to shoot the target, she learns quickly and enjoys the sense of control the gun gives her. At lunch, an Erudite boy named Will joins her and Christina, explaining that he doesn’t get along with everyone in his faction. Tris is uncomfortable when she sees two other trainees named Edward and Myra kissing, and the others tease her for being prudish.  After lunch, the initiates practice attacking punching bags. Four puts his hand on Tris’s stomach as he gives her advice, making her nervous. At dinner, Al announces he wants to get a tattoo. Tris and Christina decide to join him, but first Christina outfits Tris in a tighter dress and eye makeup, giving her a striking new look. When they arrive at the tattoo parlor, Tris is surprised to find Tori, her test administrator, working there. She wants to talk about her aptitude test results, but Tori refuses. Tris decides to have three flying birds tattooed on her collarbone to represent her family.