Topic: The Last Kids on Earth and the Nightmare King - Chapter 4

Jack and Rover were playing with a helidrone. Jack was hanging beef jerky on it and Rover was trying to snatch it out of mid air. Quint called Jack to the tree house. Everyone was there. Quint was smiling. He got the radio to work, but needed part s to make the antenna work better.Once the antenna is fixed, they will be able to contact and hear people out there.  Everyone is excited! When they get the radio working they can meet monsters, trade weapons designs, and give information to each other about Rezzoch. June and Jack are talking about finding and seeing their parents. All of the sudden Jack wasn't feeling well, Quint was drawing and Dirk and June were talking. Jack went outside and started freaking out, but he doesn't know why. Skaelka, a monster, asked Jack if she could help by cutting off his head because he said he was hearing voices. He told Skaelka the voices were coming from the radio and no decapitation was needed. Jack went back into the tree house. Everyone in the tree house is celebrating except Jack. Jack is worried that if the radio is fixed and they get in touch with their families, he will be alone. He didn't want to be alone. The end.....................For now.)