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Regenesis is the sequel to one of my favorite books. This continuation of the End Of Days series starts off from the perspective of Billy who has recently been sent off into space to help with the repopulation of the earth once it becomes habitable. All while Dr.Fletcher is still on earth in his underground civilization or so we are off. As the readers, we haven’t been given confirmation of whether this civilization had survived the initial blast of the asteroid. This whole mystery and question of whether any more people survived this really builds a lot of suspense and gives me high hopes for the story. Not only is the suspense and tension already very high many problems and makes for many very intriguing plots to be opened and elaborated on. Overall, I'm very excited to read this novel as I had been waiting to read it for quite some time now.

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Something that I find the author does a very good job throughout this series is his character development. Even within the first few chapters of the regenesis novel, I can see a very large amount of character development with Billy in comparison to when he first entered the series. He has still kept his powerful leadership methods but learned to apply it to a whole space program rather than just a group of street kids. You can also tell he has just grown as a character as the weight of what has happened to the planet behind to weigh down on him. Overall I find his character development to be one of the most intriguing and entertaining parts of the plot and really allows us to see how traumatic events to a character can cause them to change perspectives and rise up to their newfound challenges.