Topic: Charlotte's Web Chapter 13-Good Progress

Charlotte wrote terrific on the web and then she slept. The people were excited because Wilbur was terrific.Then Lurvy rushed and called Mr. Zuckerman,then he rushed and called Mrs. Zuckerman,then she rushed and called the Fern's Family. They climbed into their truck and were on their way to the farm to see Wilbur. Everybody stood at the pigpen and stared at the web. Mr Zuckerman told Lurvey to build a crate because Zuckerman decided to take the pig to the County Fair on September 6th. Templeton went to the dump and found a tiny paper saying crunchy. but it was no good because they didn't want Wilbur to be food. Templeton found another word,Pre-shrunk. But Charlotte said Pre-shrunk was out of the question. Templeton went got soap and had the word saying RADIANT. Charlotte got Wilbur to do a back flip and run around and try it out. He wanted Charlotte to tell him a story about her cousin fighting a fish. Then she told him her other cousin was a balloonist. She sang a lullaby for him. Wilbur was asleep and the song ended.