Topic: Read Theory Quiz - The Fall of Icarus

I finished reading and analyzing a quiz on the Read Theory website today.  The quiz told of how two different artists viewed a certain event from Greek mythology.  The mythical event was the story of the fall of Icarus, and the various questions I answered were regarding the comparison and contrast between the two artist's works.  The information I found interesting about this quiz was those modern artists, and how the fascination of Greek mythology still manages to captivate so much interest from the average person.  Thinking of it now, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that such amazing stories and creative literature are still the subjects of study today, but I still found interest in thinking about it.

Another thing I found interesting to think about was how greatly one society from a time so long ago manages to still so deeply affect humankind to this day.  Sure, humanity has evolved in many ways not helped by the ancient classics, but it's hard to imagine where we'd be without those classical societies.