Topic: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White Chapter 19-The Egg Sac (part 2)

Humble was the new word on Charlotte's Web. Everyone was so happy. Avery saw a blue tag on Uncle's pen,and it said first prize. Mrs. Zuckerman and everybody were sad because Uncle won. Mr. Zuckerman said "Let's get busy" and then they brought in the buttermilk,so they used it to scrub Wilbur. Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman,and Avery climbed into the pen and gave Wilbur a bath. Pretty soon quite a crowd had gathered. The people were saying nice things about Wilbur. Avery,Fern, and everybody hugged each other because there was an announcement about Zuckerman bringing his famous pig to the judges for an award. Lurvy helped Zuckerman  load Wilbur into the crate and took him to the judges.