Topic: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White Chapter 20-The Hour of Triumph

They were presenting Zuckerman an award. The announcement told everyone to make way and let the truck pass. The truck reached and finally got to the judges. Avery lowered the tailgate. Fern saw Henry,and her Mom gave her 40 cents so she could ride the ferris wheel with him. Templeton was on the truck with everyone,he was in Wilbur's crate. Triumph means being Victorious. Lurvy took a handkerchief out of his pocket. They thought Wilbur was completely out of the ordinary.  They were 25 dollars together with a handsome bronze medal. Wilbur fainted,and Templeton waked him up by biting his tail. Lurvy accidentally splashed all over Mr. Zuckerman and Avery,and Avery acted like a clown.