Topic: Charlotte's Web by E B White Chapter 21 Last Day

Charlotte said that nothing can harm Wilbur,and that made her feel successful. Wilbur shed a tear because Charlotte was dying. Charlotte helped Wilbur,because they were friends. Wilbur said he would give his life for Charlotte. Charlotte didn't come home because she's dying. Wilbur needed Templeton's help to move the egg sac. Templeton didn't want to help because he was sick and tired of doing favors all the time. Wilbur got the rat to help,by making a promise to him[from now on Templeton will eat first when Lurvy slops Wilbur]. Templeton cut the egg sac,and carried it to the ground where he dropped it in front of Wilbur. Wilbur carried it in his mouth home. The fair got taken down and Charlotte died,and nobody was with her.