Topic: Charlotte's Web by E B White-Chapter 22 A Warm Wind

Wilbur brought home a medal and an egg sac. Wilbur stopped worrying about dying because Mr. Zuckerman would keep him as long as he lived. Everyday Wilbur thought about Charlotte. A few stands for her old web still hung in the doorway,he thought she was so affectionate,so loyal,and so skillful. It was turning from fall to Winter because all the leaves and apples fell down and it started snowing. The sheep and the geese ate the apples. Fern was thinking about Henry and the Ferris wheel. Templeton lived in the trough but it was winter so he moved behind the grain bins. He got fat because he ate lots of food. They knew it turned spring because the snow melted and there were frogs making sounds. The eggs in sac hatched, and they looked like Charlotte but tiny. The baby spiders made balloons and abandoned Wilbur  except for three babies. The baby spiders were called Joy,Aranea,and Nellie,they stayed with Wilbur and it made him happy. THE END (FOREVER)