Topic: The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 1-Birthday Presents

It was Omri's birthday. Omri got a present from Patrick,it was a plastic Indian figurine. He got a skateboard from his parents,a helmet from his oldest brother,and he got a cupboard from Gillon. Gilion found it in an alley. The cupboard had a small white metal door with a mirror on it. It also had a keyhole. Omri found a key in a box. Their mother had a box full of keys. The keys belonged to mom's grandma. Omri put the Indian in the Cupboard,and went to sleep. A noise woke Omri up, it was coming from the cupboard. The figurine came to life.The Indian stabbed Omri in the finger because he was scarred of him. Omri felt surprised,and the Indian felt scared. The Indian had a tiny naked torso,he had a bald head with a pony tail,and he had a turkey feather on his head. Omri closed the cupboard when he heard his mother coming. Omri's mum kissed him and then he got up to go to school.