Topic: The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 2-The Door Is Shut. (part 2)

Omri cut out the plate to make a tiny little plate,then he put crumbs of bread,cheese,and one kernel of the sweet corn on it. Little Bear wanted meat,but Omri didn't have any meat so he got Coca Cola. Little Bear thought it was Firewater,but it was Coca Cola and he liked it because he swallowed it and gulped it and sipped it and grinned. Little Bear thought if Omri stopped eating he would shrink to regular size. Little Bear thought Omri switched off the sun,so he called him the Great White Spirit. Little Bear wanted to live in a real tepee,not a toy tepee. When Omri picked up Little Bear he felt wonderful and strange. Omri thought that Little Bear was a toy,but he's not anymore,Little Bear should have respect. Omri used pick up sticks,a bit of string,and a handkerchief to build the tepee. Omri made a blanket out of his old sweaters,then they went to sleep.