Topic: The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 3-Thirty Scalps (part 1)

The noise was coming from the tepee,the Indian was snoring. While the Indian was snoring Omri was experimenting with the cupboard. Omri put in a matchbox car and a plastic tepee. He closed it but it didn't work. He closed the door,he locked it and he fell asleep. Little Bear woke Omri up because he was hungry and it was light outside. The experiment didn't turn the car real but it turned the tepee real because it turned plastic to real leather. Little Bear didn't want to use the tepee because it was from the wrong tribe. Little Bear made up his mind,he doesn't want anything but meat. Omri put out his hand,Little Bear walked down and sat on his palm,he used his hand like an elevator and put his hand on the floor. Little Bear smelled the carpet because he thought it smelled weird like a blanket. In the war Little Bear fought with English against the French. Little Bear got 30 scalps in the war. Omri found corned beef in his mom's cupboard. The end........................for now.