Topic: The Indian in the Cupboard Chapter 3-Thirty Scalps (part 2)

Omri was scared of Little Bear because he killed 30 people in his life. Little Bear was superstitious, believing in magic and in good/evil spirits. Omri didn't want to tell someone about the Little Bear because they would take him to a scientist,and put him into a laboratory and examine him. Omri got corned beef for Little Bear,he thought it was delicious. After Little Bear finished eating he wanted Omri to make him a white man's gun,but Omri decided to make him a bow and arrows instead,because he thought it was safer. He didn't have any bows,so he got a horse instead. Omri found a brown horse with white feet. Omri lifted the cupboard to the floor,put the horse inside,turned the key,and brought it to life. the little horse was jumping and bucking. Little Bear tried to ride him but the horse bucked him off. Little Bear named him Crazy Horse. Omri took both of them outside in a toy box because the carpet was too soft,so Little Bear needed ground. Omri put Little Bear and Crazy Horse on the garden path because the grass was too high. Omri told Little Bear not to run away because he wouldn't survive.