Topic: Fantastic Mr Fox By Roald Dahl Chapter 6 The Race

It was a desperate race between the foxes and the farmers. The Foxes were desperate because they had no food. The Farmers were desperate because their food was stolen by a fox,so they wanted to get rid of him and his family. The Fox family heard the crunch of the mighty shovels getting further away and then just when they thought they were getting away the shovels would get louder. They kept digging and digging and digging. The Foxes didn’t want to give up digging.The farmers did not stop for lunch because they were too busy trying to kill the foxes. The hill looked like the crater of a volcano,it wasn’t a hill anymore. A whole bunch of people were curious about what the farmers were doing.The farmers said they were catching a fox,the people thought they were insane but they weren't. The Farmers were FURIOUS,ANGRY,MAD,AND FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!! To be continued…….