Topic: Fantastic Mr Fox Chapter 13 Bunce's Giant Storehouse

Badger noticed that Mr. Fox lost his tail.Mr Fox felt sad.Badger and the Foxes were digging quietly to Bunce’s giant storehouse.The small foxes were licking their lips because they were hungry for juicy tender ducks and big fat geese.Mr. Fox knew where to tunnel because he knew his way around these farms blindfolded.In Bunce’s Mighty Storehouse,there was lots of delicious food. There were juicy tender ducks, big fat geese, bacon, carrots and hams. The Badger and the small foxes ran to the shelves and started to grab all sorts of stuff. Mr. Fox told them to stop because he said it was his party. They didn’t want to take all of the food so that they wouldn’t get caught.They needed to be neat and tidy.They took 4 young plump ducks,3 plump geese,and 2 nice smoked hams. They were going to have a side of bacon and bring 10 bunches of carrots for the rabbits.They took 2 push karts to push the food. Mr Fox told his pups to take each cart and run back to Mrs. Fox. He didn’t go with the small foxes because he had more work to do. TO BE CONTINUED…….