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Topic: The Basics of BBCode.

BBCode, otherwise known as Bulletian Board Code was developed for use on internet forums, like the one we are currently on. It is formed with brackets - [ ] and the backslash - /. BBcode can be used for numerous things, like coloring your posts, adding empha[s]sis[/s] to words, and the like.

After film studies class, a good few people came up to me asking about BBcode, so I thought I would take the liberty and make a small tutorial.

Lets start with bolding your font. It's simple.

[b] wordshere [/b]


Same goes for italics.

[i] wordshere [/i]

And [s]strikeout[/s].

[s] -wordshere-[/s]

But what about color?
Well, it's also pretty easy.

 [color=coloryouwanthere] words here [/color]

So, say I wanted my font a maroon color.

 [color=maroon] Look, pretty! [/color]

equals Look, pretty!

So, we've covered both color, bolding, italics, and strike out. Besides that, there is alignment, in this forums case, polldaddy-ing, adding images, and a few others.

Alignment. There are three types, left, right, and center.

[align=left]Hello![/align] [align=center] Hello again! [/align] [align=right]Hello number three![/align]


[align=center] Hello again! [/align] 
[align=right]Hello number three![/align]


Polldaddy, something that we all (hopefully) learned today.


Alright, last but not least... images.

 [img]insert url here[/img]


So, as you can see, it's pretty easy to understand. (: