Topic: Editing Microcontent

When writing a microcontent I found that when you went back to edit the post, the image that you entered had disappeared. When you publish the post from the microcontent page the image does not disappear. But when editing the page after it is published the image is gone on your site. Why is this?

Re: Editing Microcontent

It's been over a year since I first (re)coded these functions.  I'll check into it.

The microcontents don't easily open themselves up to editing. You've no doubt seen the code it adds to your posts. That is an inconvenience by design. They are easy to get details published in a polished format. Not easy to edit over and over.

The vanishing image tag has me perplexed, though. I've watched it happen, too. POGE

Check closely, do the default image tags vanish, or only tags you've added to or edited?  There is something we are doing in this class that my previous classes didn't do. The problem is new, but the code is old. Know what I mean?

Another problem is the mysterious duplicated content as well when editing a microcontent. Sigh. hmm