Acceptable Use
All Users are responsible for good behaviour on STJ School Forums. General school rules for behaviour and communications apply. For all Users, file storage areas may be treated like school lockers. STJ School administrators may review files and communications to maintain system integrity and ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored will always be private.

STJ School does not allow any of the following activities, or links to such activities, on the Service:
- Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
Using obscene language.
- Harassing, insulting, or bullying others.
Using another's password.
- Trespassing in another's folders, work, or files.
Content of a pornographic, sexually explicit, or violent nature.
- Content of an illegal nature (including stolen copyrighted material).
- Pirated software sites, including cracking programs or cracking program archives.
- Content with the sole purpose of causing harm or inciting hate, or content that could be reasonably considered as slanderous or libelous.

If users post any of the above content on their sites, STJ School will suspend the services of the member account until a resolution is met between STJ School. and the User. Any violation of this Policy may cause cancellation of service without notice and without refund of any fees.

In addition, STJ School does not allow any of the following:
- Users may not use the Service as a remote storage server only.
- Users must exercise caution when hosting large downloads (>5MB). STJ School reserves the right to refuse to host any large downloadable files.
- Users may not send unsolicited messages (also known as junk mail or SPAM) to promote any web site published on the Service.

Users are not permitted to knowingly allow another website or hosting server to link to content files stored on STJ School's servers. Users deemed to be using STJ School solely as a remote storage server will have their account immediately terminated and will have all files associated with their account permanently removed.

The final choice of whether an account is in violation of any of these policies is at the sole discretion of the STJ School administrator.

Violation of any of these policies may result in tracking information being stored to identify the offending user, and permanent restriction from holding an account on the Service.