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chandersen wrote:

Can anyone see Berkely blink?



Re: Optical Illusions

I cannot see Berkely blink!!! However, I liked the other illusions. It's interesting what our minds can trick us into seeing. We know it is just an illusion, yet we are always amazed when we see it.


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Does everyone see the same thing in an optical illusion since we all have our own original interpretations of things?  I know from talking to some people around me that we all see similar tricks, but are they all exactly the same?


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It seems to me that the harder we look the harder it is to to see the illusion. For instance in the third one when the gears are supposed turn it helps to not focus on one part but instead to focus on the picture as a whole. But still i'm not able to see the berkley thing.


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The optical illusions we see is go throw are brain but are brain gets mix up and dos not show what it is. for exp you see a snak that has the srips you see in book that could kill you and you see another snak that look the same but its not the same snak it couler are in the diffrent spots its a snak that all most looks the same. every thing has a illusinon.


Re: Optical Illusions


What is the reality here? Where does it start or better, does the picture even start? Does it end, if so, where?