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Paul is a confused young man who likes the the finer things in life. He rejects the ideals of his father and has a great distaste for the man. It would seem that The only place Paul finds any comfort in when his is in the theater dressed up in his suit and when he is living life to the fullest on the stolen money. He wants things that he cannot achieve on his own. It is though he is living in a fantasy world where he sees himself as someone he is not. He is so troubled at some parts in the story that it is evident that he is thinking of suicide. When his father is coming to find him in the big city he is not happy with this and ends it all when he jumps in front of a train. We never fully understand his dislike for his father because his father is such an upstanding man. The father even pays back the money that his son stole, that shows that his father loves him very much even though Paul does not. It was a compelling story that made you think about it even when you put the pages down.